• In today’s world, kids are facing increasing obesity at a rate of 30 percent. A good way to avoid sweet treats and greasy chips is to enjoy wholesale pecans for sale, a much healthier snack. Craving sweet foods between meals has been one of the causes for increasing weights in kids when these foo... View Post
  • Uses and Benefits of Pecan Oil

    You are probably accustomed to using shelled pecans and pecans pieces in all kinds of recipes. But pecans have another form you may be less familiar with; pecan oil. Pecan oil is a delicious and healthy food with a variety of uses and benefits. DRESSINGS AND DIPS Pecan oil can be used as a he... View Post
  • Pecans date back to 16th century from North America, according to I Love Pecans. The pecans are a valuable source of income for pecan growers in North America. They were discovered for their great taste and accessibility along the waterways. Pecans began to be planted in 1772 on Long Island, NY, ... View Post