Pecans date back to 16th century from North America, according to I Love Pecans. The pecans are a valuable source of income for pecan growers in North America. They were discovered for their great taste and accessibility along the waterways.

Pecans began to be planted in 1772 on Long Island, NY, according to I Love Pecans. Pecans began to be exported by 1802 to the West Indies. They took off into an industry in New Orleans due to the market growth there at the time.

Here’s the history of some of the oldest, well-known, and delicious pecan dessert recipes.


Pecan pralines are a delicious dessert made mostly in the southern part of the United States. Round shaped like cookies, they are thin candies made with mostly dairy, sugar, and pecans. Candymakers create them to be original to the recipe with a creamy and sweet texture.

According to Southern Candymakers, pralines are named after a French diplomat in the early 17th century. The diplomat’s chef was said to have invented the recipe. There are multiple versions of the story on how pralines were originated and named.


The long-loved pie’s history is debatable. There is no clear origin that shows the pie’s original recipe date earlier than 1897, according to the National Day Calendar. The pie is claimed to have existed in Louisiana and appeared in popular cookbooks in 1940.

Karo syrup makers made the pie popular when they campaigned it for use with their corn syrup. July 12 is the United States’ annual National Pecan Pie Day.